Urban Vision Lab is an avant-garde entity operating at the crossroads of engineering, design, and technology, specialized in transforming ideas into concrete and innovative solutions for urban communication and the retail sector.

  • Design

Development of creative concepts for the enhancement of urban spaces and retail contexts. Design of urban furniture, public spaces, green areas, and solutions for commerce.

  • Advanced Design:

Design of products and urban furniture focused on sustainability and inclusiveness. Creation of immersive user experiences through the use of emerging technologies.

  • Rapid Prototyping:

Development of functional prototypes to test and validate design ideas. Use of 3D printing, laser cutting, and other technologies for fast and accurate prototyping.

  • Detailed Engineering:

Transformation of concepts into executive projects, with attention to technical feasibility and sustainability. Structural analysis and material optimization to ensure durability and strength.

  • Custom Productions:

Creation of tailor-made solutions for urban and retail spaces, including furniture, installations, and architectural components. With a fab-less approach, we ensure the management of the supply chain and production to guarantee the highest quality and respect for timelines by collaborating with the best partners for each area of specialization.

  • Consulting and Support:

Provision of strategic consulting for the integration of innovative solutions in urban and commercial spaces. After-sales support for the maintenance and updating of the implemented solutions.

New digital TIM booth

Design, prototyping, engineering, production

The new TIM digital booth project is the emblem of the synergy of our unique skills. We combine design, technology, and innovation to develop revolutionary projects, transforming ideas into tangible and impactful realities.