What we do

We specialize in creating functional, aesthetic, and sustainable solutions tailored for public spaces that enhance urban life. Our mission is to transform cityscapes through thoughtful design and advanced manufacturing process

Design & Engineering

When designing a product or service for the digital or physical world, we take an integrated approach: we connect the dots between activities, infrastructure, materials, people and communication. We dig deep to identify those moments that will ultimately shape successful, scalable design. An important part of any design process includes rapid iteration and prototyping to make sure the final product or service gets to market faster, is the best it can be and can stand the test of time in the real world.


Developing innovative designs that integrate seamlessly into urban environments.

Technical Design

Detailed schematics and blueprints that prepare projects for production.

Material Selection

Choosing durable and sustainable materials suitable for urban conditions

Structural Integrity

Ensuring all installations are safe and compliant with regulatory standards.

Production & Set Up

Our engineers and designers work behind the scenes to turn concepts into realities. From developing new technologies to launching revolutionary products, we make sure design works within the realities of cost, performance, manufacturing, safety and quality standards. That includes building, testing and iterating prototypes at all levels in our own workshops to ensure viable designs and faster time to market.

Advanced Fabrication

Utilizing the latest in CNC machinery and 3D printing technology.

Quality Control

Rigorous testing phases to guarantee product durability and safety.

Scalable Manufacturing

Capability to handle projects ranging from bespoke single installations to multi-unit production runs.

Installation Logistics

Coordinated execution and delivery, ensuring timely and cost-effective installation in urban settings.

Our Services